Susitna Gunnery Range

Alaska Formerly Used Defense Site

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The 86,000-acre Susitna Gunnery Range is 22 miles from Wasilla and 1.6 miles across Knik Arm from Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson (JBER). The site was used as early as 1946 as an impact area for anti-aircraft artillery. While the firing point was located on JBER, the impact area stretched as a fan over 8-miles across Point MacKenzie.

As a former military site, the Susitna Gunnery Range may contain spent munitions. Field investigations have found only partially intact practice rounds and metal fragments, but items such as 37mm training rounds and 90mm and 120mm armor piercing high explosives have been discovered by landowners during land clearing, road improvements, and other excavation activities. Visitors should be aware that munitions may be present. Spent munitions may be corroded, partially buried, or covered with algae or mud and difficult to recognize. All ordnance items should be considered dangerous, regardless of how long they have been in the environment.


3R’s safety guide

Protect yourself and your community by learning and following the 3Rs of explosives safety.


Recognize when you may have encountered a munition


Do not touch, move or disturb it, but carefully leave the area


Immediately call 911 or notify local law enforcement

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Emergency Contacts

On Land Call 911 Or Local Law Enforcement

On Water Use Channel 16 (156.800 MHZ)

Area map


Land Use Controls Implementation Plan

Download the Susitna Gunnery Range Land Use Controls Implementation Plan which explains which institutional controls will protect the public from unexploded ordnance in this formerly used defense site. This website contains two of the controls required in the plan including the training video and informational documents.

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Representative ORDNANCE Debris